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Interconnecting Business Across The Globe

INDOOGOO is a fintech platform provider that brings together banks, non-bank financial institutions, individual lenders, corporate lenders; located either within or outside the country that will provide funding for Indonesian exporters.

Exporter’s Advantage

Exclusively Platform
Designed for Indonesian Exports

INDOOGOO The first platform in Indonesia that provides exclusive services for the needs of Indonesian exporters in order to develop their business. INDOOGOO is the first platform in Indonesia that provides a platform to bring together all sides of the export process with the aim of helping the development of local exporters.

Convert Passive Assets
to Active Assets

With INDOOGOO, exporters can use their passive assets such as invoices and convert it to working capital that will help their business needs.

New Business
Insight from Exports

INDOOGOO provides solutions needed by exporters that specifically tailored to the understanding of the needs and problems faced by exporters.

Foreign Invoice
Risk Mitigation

By using the INDOOGOO platform, Exporters will feel safer and protected with the risk of paying their bills by the Importer because INDOOGOO bridges the parties who can help deal with these risks.

          INDOOGOO's Mission

“INDOOGOO contributes to empowering and increase the growth of Indonesian MSME exporter businesses.”

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